Textile Centre of Excellence


Tiss & Tik conjures up a resonance, punctuated by the steady coming and going of the shuttle unwinding the thread of the African weavers we support.
The label Tiss & Tik was born from a wishful ambition, that of enhancing and circulating the wealth of the African textile heritage. It aims to promote the warranty and the revival of forgotten ancestral techniques while contributing towards the economic development of poor populations.

The element of our Fashion & Home collection – set forth in the form of bags, clutch bags, cushions, Household Linen – carry within their crossbred lines the result of a subtle pursuit between custom and innovation, styling and craft.
The totally hand-made and small-scale manufacturing in Burkina Faso with locally grown cotton mirrors our environmental and human commitment.
Our products approach conscious customers wiling to invest in rare small-scale products carries off natural raw materials.

(Small) Daazou Pouch – « Grain de Riz » G -20x15cm

 (Large) Daazou Pouch – « Carré Rayé » B – 28x19cm

(Large) Daazou Pouch – « Djibasso » BG – 28x19cm

 Anouk Pouch – « Cori » G – 15x25cm

 Anouk Pouch – « Cori » B – 15x25cm

 Anouk Pouch – « XI » G – 15x25cm

 Arouna Shopping Bag – « DamDam » B – 41x45x13cm

 Arouna Shopping Bag – « Grain de Riz » B – 41x45x13cm

Arouna Shopping Bag – « Djibasso » B – 41x45x13cm