Au Fil des Voisins

Neighborhood’s ties

 Doing together, to live better together

Les Grands Voisins (Big Neighbors) is the project of temporary occupation of the former site of the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul hospital located in the heart of the 14th district of Paris. A place of experimentation with new ways of living and sharing, Les Grands Voisins aims to encourage meetings between all the residents of the site, while ensuring the challenge of being open to the public. 600 people in precarious situations are sheltered there and more than 200 structures carrying associative, cultural and solidarity projects.
Established since May 2016 on the site, the association Afrika Tiss implements the project Au Fil des Voisins which responds to the issue of cohabitation on the site. Textile creation facilitates meetings and exchanges to forge links between creators and housed persons.