“The traveler knows the day of his departure, but he doesn’t know the day of his return.”

  Tuareg Proverb

The Design for Peace project was initiated by Afrika Tiss and Burkina Faso’s UNHCR  field office.
Design for Peace offers creative exchanges at it workshop where European designers, refugees and local craftsmen collaborate. It’s a unique opportunity for all participants to try new techniques and mix knowledge and to forge multicultural and innovative creations. In addition, a programme providing overall training and support is offered to refugee and local artisans to strengthen their production and commercialisation capacity and improve their socio-economic integration.


Even if forced to leave everything, displaced people are never totally destitute. They always carry with them a part of their wealth: their knowledge, their skills, their experience. Despite of their level of resources,  These people still have the opportunity to become self-reliant in their host country. In Burkina Faso, about 30,000 people came from Mali as refugees and among them, artisans.
Design for Peace offers them a wonderful opportunity to value their talents to empower them and improve the standard of living of their families and communities.

Yuve Guluma, UNHCR

Livelihoods Officer